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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~ this thing is flooded with unnessasary posts.....god... lemme rephrase it. The reason for sign ups that you can understand what the whole thing is about. So that you know the rules, so that, umm...SO that you dont have too many people in the RP or else it will get confusing. And also so we know who you are instead of just saying, "DC went to the bathroom and blahblahblah..." is there anything specific about you other than, you name is DC? What do you look like? What's you personality? Just jumping in doesnt say anything. Sign-ups are so you can get an idea of what to expect from the role-player. And plz, no double/triple/ or any numer post.

Originally Posted by Dudy89 View Post
Elite forums suck! you call me a no0b just cause i ried to join this Rp unsigned. go to pokecommunity, they don't drag you into a sign up thread and then do it. I was just saying. If you did'nt want me to jump in, then say go to the sign up board, and thats all! Damn!
I just went to that forum. They do sign-up to enter RP's

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