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Default Re: Rate my team PLZ.

Hammer Arm is useless on Rhyperior. Stone Edge and Earthquake already take care of Rock, Steel, Ice, and the two most common Darks (Tyranitar and Weavile). This means the only Pokemon Hammer Arm is effective against that Stone Edge/Earthquake aren't is Bronzong, which Megahorn is even stronger against. Megahorn also prevents you from getting walled by Cresselia.

Ninjask is overrated really, and easily countered. What's going to prevent you from being Roared away by Skarmory/Swampert/Hippowdon/Donphan/any other phazer? Even worse is that all of these Pokemon have Stealth Rock, so Ninjask will already be half-dead by the next time it switches in. And it doesn't help that your Salamence is also weak to Stealth Rock.

As for Dusknoir, this is D/P, not Advance. Dusknoir actually has a high Attack stat, so don't waste your time with Night Shade. Even with no Attack EVs, its Attack is still a respectable 236.
Mean Look is also useless, so don't bother with it. Dusknoir needs at least one of the elemental punches.

Overall, you have a major weakness to CB Heracross. It can easily come in and absorb your Toxic/Will-o-wisp and then go on a rampage since everything on your team is OHKOed or 2HKOed by a Close Combat or Megahorn (even Salamence and Ninjask).

You also have nothing that can handle SpecsMence's Draco Meteor, since you're really lacking in Sp Def.
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