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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!

Name: Mishel Setlight

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: Mishel is very nice and warm. She will try to help anyone who needs her. Mishel doesn't have lots of friends besides Nemo, her cat-like Draco, and Flame, her scorpion-like Draco. She has few friends, but she doesn't talk to them much. She just can't trust them. Mishel doesn't talk much with people and usually lonely. She talks only when they need her help and she tries to stay out of other people's problems if they don't need her, what usually happens. Mishel's biggest dream is, to find someone that acts like her, that she won't be lonely anymore, to find a real friend.

History: Mishel never knew her mother, so she lived with her father and older brother. Her brother told Mishel that her mother is in other place, working, but her father told her that mother is working to much and comes only in nights, when they are asleep. Mishel always tried to take her mother's place, by cooking and cleaning. Mishel tried to find a part time job instead of school, but her father didn't let her. One day, Mishel went to the market and saw a man with two Dracos in a cage, ready to leave them in the niddle of nowhere that these poor creatures will be able to escape. When the man left, she took the Dracos to her house. After that day, Mishel and the Dracos are always together.

Draco(s): Flame and Nemo

Draco Form

Nickname: Flame

Species: scorpion

Description Of Your Species:

Special Technique:
Fire Blade: The blade on his tail coveres with powerful flames. It can burn almost anything.

Personality: Flame likes to relax and rest, because he belives that he should take the life slowly. He likes to do trouble and get out of them. Flame likes to make fun ot of Nemo, but he does it because he wants to protect him. Flame isn't polite and sometimes can say things that souldn't be heard.

Nickname: Nemo

Species: cat

Description Of Your Species:

Special Technique:
Ice Shrades: When his horn starts to glow in blue, giant ice shrades fall from the sky.

Personality: Nemo is very messy. He can lose himself in his own house. He is very nice and polite. He usually helps Flame to get out of his troubles. He belives that life is short and there is no time to play. Nemo usually ignores Flamd and attacks him if he tries to protect Nemo. Nemo is lke Mishel, doesn't talk much and helps others if they need him.
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