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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

Amie had almost screamed when she saw the huge gap in her paper, one of the main answers was gone. This was a nightmare, not only did she show up late, but now there was a hookin hole in the test. As she was collecting her stuff, the teen dropped the second sheet of the test. "What the heck" thought the girl, scanning it. Looks like it was the same as the fist page. "YESSSS" thought Amie, boy was that ever lucky. That sorta thing never happened to her. She handed it in and as the student stepped out of the classroom, it dawned on her. She had no clue where Pokeology was. "Maybe Breeze can help" whisped the girl grabbing her Pokéball. But then a massive shool map on the wall caught her attention. "So it's there" said Amie glad she had found that map. So after going up a flight of stairs, turing right and left, entering 3 wrong classes and finding another map, Amie finally made it to class, on time. The teacher was pretty odd looking, like a lab man. Unlike the prvious class, he had no papers to give out. The girl took a sit, right beside the door.

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