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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

Scizors eyes gave a dark glint, he raised his gleaming red claw, "Scizzzor!" It's claw came crashing down millimeters where Amie's hand had been. Moving forward Scizor stepped on the paper, sliting holes in it. 'Scizzz," He said, daring her to retort.
Scharlet looked up, leaning against her chair next to Scizor, she lowered her head, her eyes in shadow, and chuckled. It wasn't a laughable chuckle, but more of a menace, a glower, harassment.
Scizor didn't take his claw from it's clamped place, a mock strike. THough his eyes bore into Amies. Daring, threatening, hopeing, she would attack, or repond violently. Scharlet and Scizor were ready for a fight, and they always seeked one.

But his spirits were dimmed, as well as Scharlets, as the girls life saving bell was heard. Scharlet let her cheated test paper on her desk, got her stuff and her and Scizor left. When Scizor stepped of the paper, it had a hole in the middle, obscuring one of the main answers. Smirking Scizor brushed past Amie and followed Scharlet, the two exited the room, and headed to what seemed to be a dominant year.
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