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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

What seemed like an eternity after the bell had rung, Mikayla finally came across the Pokeology room. Odd looks were recieved from both the students and the teacher, making her a bit nervous as she made her way to an empty desk near the back of the room.

Pikachu jumped up onto the corner of her desk, looking at a piece of paper that had been laid out.

What the heck is this? she thought, skimming over the paper. It looked like...a test?

Mikayla glanced up at the teacher as she pulled out a pencil and quickly jotted her name down at the top of the page. Reading over the first question, she tapped the eraser of the pencil against her chin, trying to think up the answer.

Looking up at the clock, she sighed. Being almost ten minutes late was probably going to cost her...
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