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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

Her dorm door opened and the duo walked inside. Gathering her math books together, Scharlet and Scizor had a chocolate snack, mints, and then headed off to class; ten minutes late.
The door to class was still open, walking inside she saw people turn their heads in her direction. Scizor smirked, following after Scharlet. Scharlet nearly glowered at the teacher before sitting in the very back of the room.
Plopping down in her seat she didn't bother to take out math, but instead took out a nail file from her bag.
Scizor, with his evil eye glint, glared at anyone who looked at him. Claws slightly apart, eyes glinting with darkness, his red extroskeleton gleaming. Scharlet saw this and just shook her head thinking, git.
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