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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

Scharlet heard the bell. Shrugging off the prospect that she was late Scizor and her walked dully around in the corridors. Passing her math class she breifly took a glance in. Seeing the teacher hand out papers, Scharlet decided to keep on walking.
Scizors confused gaze caught Scharlets attention. Slowing her pace she spoke to Scizor,
"You really think I'm going to be good in this pokemon school? Well you thought wrong then."
Scizor nodded and faced forward again, once Scharlet looked away, he smirked. A mischevious, sly smirk. One that carried his face all to often.
Scharlet was thinking the same thing, accept her insides boiled, and didn't revel themselves upon her face.
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