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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

History and Geography
Life science
Battle class
Breeder Class

Serena Naren, age 17, looked around the entrance of the Pokemon High School. It was apparent that she was new; you could tell by the dazed and confused expression upon her face. Blonde hair blowing in a small breeze that came through and clutching onto two notebooks, she entered the school accompanied by a small orange dog with black stripes.
"Heel, Komaru," Serena said, quickly gazing down at the Growlithe with her dull gray eyes. With a small bark, the Growlithe obeyed.. it was obviously well trained. Serena had gotten Komaru from the Saffron City Police Department.. they had had a spare puppy after training and not enough Officer Jennies. Serena had happily taken the small Growlithe.. now he was growing though.

After daydreaming, she realized that she had passed her Math class and walked back to it, a small blush on her cheeks as she opened the door just in time; the bell had rung and it was time for class to start.
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