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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Natsuki's heart felt like it had been stabbed with tens of thousands of daggers. A tear rolled down her face without her noticing, and she quickly turned around, starring at the entrance to the cafe. Without a second's passing, she ran in, motioning for Azu to follow with hurry in her eyes. Azu quickly did that and climbed on her shoulder, wrapping her tail around her (Natsuki) neck. For a few seconds, Natsuki simply stood there, starring at the clock.

"Azu? Azurill Azu?"

Natsuki blinked twice and glanced at Azu, not with a smile, but with a frown. She quickly ran out of the place, and, almost unconsciously, she started to run towards a nearby park. (I think that's where Nyumai, Lorielle, etc are. If not, just tell.) She didn't know why, but she just wanted to go there. Go there as fast as she could. Azu's face was a huge piling of worry and sadness. That was the first time she ever saw Natsuki frown at her.



Michiko didn't say anything. She just took a Pokeball out of her belt and threw it up in the air. A red beam of light went flying down into the ground, and from said light materialized a Lucario.

"...Those are... the only ones I recognize are Lorielle and Nyumai..."

She pointed to each one respectively, and glanced at the Lucario she had just taken out. The Lucario nodded at Michiko and took a few steps forward, stopping beside Michiko.

"...So, what now, Zein? Haku seems to be eager to fight..."

Her eyes were once again dull and narrowed. Her fists were shaking, and she just wanted to bash something until it was nothing but dust. The Lucario, Haku, was examining the entire area, looking for any advantageous spots, and the like.


"Well...? Haku isn't the only one that's eager..."
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