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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

A small boy stood in the shadows watching the battle between an Umbreon and a Scyther.

He had jet-black hair down to his shoulders and had a Lucario standing by his side. the Lucario was rather smaller than a normal one and he was closer to his trainer than a normal Lucario as the trainer had raised him from birth.

And so it was Taiki who was standing in the shadows with his Lucario, Fergus watching Marcus and Takumi fighting.

Lucario looked longingly at the powerful attacks and skillful tactics being employed by the Pokemon and Trainers. He dreamed of the power of these trainers, but Taiki knew heshared a more powerful bond with his Pokemon, who would lay down they're own life for him...

Credit to MidnightWolf (?) of SerebiiForums for the Banner!

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