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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Marcus clicked his middle finger and thumb on his left hand and stood there, still smiling. He flicked his eyes towards the Garchomp, wich seemed to be looking at him intently, he flicked his hair back vanitously and smirked. Before turning his attemtion back to the battle.

Scyther was flying backwards through the air, his eyes shut. He heard the sound of Marcus clicking his fingers and snapped his eyes open, beating his wings quickly.
Scyther neatly landed on the floor his right arm pressed down against the ground, his left was held out against his torso.

"Lets show our spectators how to go out with a bang shall we? Or prehaps go forwards.. it dosn't matter. Scyther, lets dance!" Marcus grinned neatly, his eyes looking slightly bored and he flicked his hair back once more.

Scyther gave Marcus a small nod and then bowed low to Yin. Scyther helf his bow in place, and then without a seconds warning he shot forwards, very quickly and very elegently leaping from one foot the the other, he right scythe still held to the ground, cutting through it as he went.

Scyther was a breath away from Yin, he momenterily came to a stop to strike. No, it was a feint, he swifly dodged around Yin, though it looked more like Scyther was dancing. He was behind Yin in seconds, bringing his right arm up from the ground to perform a devistating slash attack.-
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