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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Normal Rank Standard Beauty Contest
LS vs JR vs kingrapter vs Leman
Blaziken vs Typhlo vs Weavile vs Vaporeon

JR had Pokeblocks and using his common old tactics, he used Swift for 2 rounds where he was first, earning +6 each, and FT to get the Crowd +5 for 2 rounds and Flame Wheeled once, the contest was clearly his!

1st Typhlo 432 PTS (LIKE WTF)
2nd Blaziken 310 PTS
3rd Dragonite Weavile 260 PTS
4th Vaporeon 220 PTS

JR Trainer wins, gets $2k and Normal beauty ribbon
LS gets $1.5k
king gets $1500
Leman gets $1000

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $12000

urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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