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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Zein emerged into the outside from the room, closing the doors politely behind him. He stepped up to Michiko, smiling and closing his eyes.

"Well, shall we go?" he asked rhetorically, letting his arms fall to his sides. His hand rested on his belt, and his index finger caressed the button of one of his Pokeballs. Then, suddenly, he pressed down, and a clicking sound could be heard. Metal coil burst from his back, and wrapped tightly around Michiko and himself. The coil squeezed tightly in on the two figures, until eventually it collapsed inwards, and Michiko and Zein were gone.


"Ah, we have arrived." Zein's eyes widened, and he looked down off the edge of the plateau. His irises scanned the people below, as if searching for something inparticular. His royal blue eyes jolted as he saw each person; Takumi, Nyumai, Lorielle, and Marcus, respectively. "Michiko...these people...who are they?"
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