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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

History and Geography
Co-ordinators Class
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Looking up t the impressive building, I walked through the doors of my new school. Yes, as many hundreds of other students, I didn't want to be here, but not for the same reasons. I knew as much as I needed to survive in the Pokemon world as it was! Why my mother made me go to a high school was beyong me, but I didn't want to tangle with her Ninetails over such a ridiculous matter.

"Well, here we are Ashe. What do we have first?" I asked, looking over at my Pokemon.

Ashe, my very oddly colored Charmeleon who was teal and had a blue flame rather than the normal red color, wearing a dark green bandana around her neck looked at the piece of paper dubbed schedule.

According to this, its Tech. She replied. That doesn't sound all too bad for first thing.

"You said it bud. Lets go in." I said.

Ashe hopped onto my shoulder, hanging off the opposite side as we entered the building.
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