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Default Re: Rate my team PLZ.

ok EB, here are my thoughts on your thoughts:

Shuckle is going to be replaced with with umbreon cause umbreon>shuckle in my opinion and probably live longer with less weaknesses.

Fire fang i will change because i don't have a fire move anywhere except for WoW but it is a status move.

Why should i change Psychic on Porygon Z for Tri-Attack? Then i have no type-counter for fighting types at all except for dusknoir and his big defense stat i am screwed against a machamp or something, aren't I??

last thing i don't understand is giving rhyperior speed, he is meant as a physical wall with hp, he also attacks alot, giving him speed just makes him faster and live less long as a wall.

I am not trying to reject your opinoins or anything i would just like to understand why you think these changes are valid for my team to improve.
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