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Exclamation Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

History and Geography
Breeder Class
Cordianter Class
Battle Class
Advanced Battle

I looked at my sheet of paper

Sep. 21 = Battle Class 11:00 to 3:00

Oh then so I went to my room It was 8:00
I got breakfist Carmel Waffles
Then I played games untill then Pikachu came with I swiped my card in

3 Porygons Appeared
porygon 1 Appeared all over the screen you may go in Then I saw my first rival....
Fargon VS Monkey Boy
Treeko VS Pikachu

Fargon: Your goin DOWN!
Me Ok Far gone
Fargon: Be Queit NOW IDIOT!

Pikachu Quick Atack NOW!
Treeko Uses Razor Leaf
The Atack Missed
Pikachu hit treeko with a critcal hit!
Now Iron Tail Pikachu
Treeko Use.......

Pikachus Points ----------------------------------------------+
Treekos Points -+-

I WON! I did a happy Dance Then used my Jigllypuff Song alarm That put me and pikachu to sleeep... Though it Pounds you when its 7:00

Hatch: 533
Pikachu: 578

Done: 818

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