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Default Pokemon High School~[RP]~

As you can see this is the Role-Playing thread for the above RP. Enjoy

Pokemon High School is a place that aspiring trainers go to after they recieve they're Trainer's Licsense, but want to learn more about Pokemon and the world around them than what they recived in the Trainers Acadamy. Student's cannot go home unless it's the holidays or the weekends. They will have they're own dorm rooms and public buildings(Library, Club, Restaurants, etc.) near the campus. We hope this year and coming will be enjoyable to the students and the teachers.

~Giovanni, Dean
You've just arrived to Pokemon University. You're glad you're finally on your own, but you have no idea what to do first. Here at Pokemon University, everyone has a personality worth mentioning, like that cool teacher who brings in cool stuff, or the Jock who's a total show-off. Overall,you have this feeling thing's should go a-ok! Your Dean is Giovanni, Leader of Team Rocket, though you do not realize it. He moniters the students to see who accells as worthy members of the organization. Those he sees that excell are rewarded with pokemon, but something is different about those pokemon, something that makes them stick out. It might be they're overwhelming strength, or the meaness in they're eyes, or maybe even the black aura that surrounds them. Whatever it is, you are unsure, so you and your pokemon friend who you've known for all your life, step inside campus and await the challenges....

PLz post your schedule on your first post.

Role-Play Rules
All PE2K rules apply here
All posts must be 2 or more lines long.
No God-Modding
No Bunnying
Reservations last 48 hours
Romance and Profanity allowed: PG-13
Only one pokemon per trainer.
You can control NPC characters

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