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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

"I'm doing fine," Lorielle replied, "I went to Sinnoh for a bit." Lorielle tickled Byo, "That's where I picked this pesky lil' guy."

I'm not pesky! I'm cute! You said so! Byo protested, he scrambled down Lorielle and sniffed at Nyumai's shoes. Lorielle blushed slightly.

"Like I said, he's young," Lorielle said, she looked at Pike, who was trying to figure out where Sima-Yi went off to. He looked at Lorielle, the girl nodded towards the tree. Pike dashed towards it.

"So what'cha been up to?" Lorielle asked, looking back at Nyumai.


Tippi smiled and and rolled off Kyosan, she lay on her side and looked at him.

Yeah. That's what happens when you get stuck with a trainer who keeps you training all day! Tippi looked at Lorielle, she smiled innocently as her trainer glared at her. Tippi loked back at Kyosan. How've you been? I missed you.


Found ya! Pike exclaimed, he ran towards Sima-Yi, but suddenly he tripped over hs own feet and went flying over Sima-Yi, landing on his back.

I'm perfectly fine. No damage done. Pike grunted, slowly getting back on his feet.
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