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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Marcus withdrew Charizard before he was hit, a wry smile on his face. Though he may have been able to fight on with his high amount of rage, for reasons best known to himself, Marcus had withdrawn him before fainting, just as he had done before.

"Well, two down, one to go." Marcus said chillingly calmly.

Marcus walked up to scyther, taking the tiny bulbasaur down from on his head and having him a small smile.

"In you go Scyther, Start things off with a double team and a sword's dance." marcus spoke very quietly and calmly once again.

Scyther stepped infront of Umbreon, he swung his scythes and there were now three Scythers , right after all three Scythers clanged their scythes together, their reactions increasing.
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