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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

A man who's eyes alone were visible through the gleaming light turned his gaze to Michiko.

"Very well. Don't let it happen again." He spoke with authority and power; he presented himself as the one with the most preference.

"Aha ha ha. You say that knowing full well that she will not heed your words."

"Zein, silence. I have a question for you: have you retrieved your deidoku yet?"

Zein was quiet for a moment before smiling and closing his eyes happily. "No, my baron, I have not. Michiko's constant failures are what hinder my stead."

"Hmm...Michiko, Zein, go. You two are the only ones who need your deidoku still. We have a short amount of time left."


"I agree, said Chains, snickering slightly," one man said, as if narrating each of his actions. "Chains sneered and stood up from his chair," the man stated, pausing to stand, "I must go as well, he remarked." With that, he and the woman who stood beside him opened the doors, and disappeared into the outside.

Zein stood up from his chair, smiling happily.

"Well, Michiko, ready to depart? Aha ha ha."
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