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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Dialgo and I looked at the Charizard and that exactly reminded both of us of the same particular Pokemon. Dialgo still didn't like that Aerodactyl for some reason, like he had a bet to settle, or some unfinished fight he had to deal with. I decided to get back on the subject of the Charizard, reminding me of my own.

"Ashe is alot more spirited than that Charizard, although you can tell it doesn't like to fight." I commented.

Dialgo only moaned in response.

"And that Espeon reminds me of Dawn back home. Dusk too."

Don't get started on all the other Pokemon that couldn't have come on this big important mission again. He growled.

"Hey, you don't get started on how you didn't want to come." I snapped at him. "Did you want to be stuck at home with Neon and Brooke?"

Dialgo shuddered at the sound of those two names. Neon and Brooke were my most hyperactive Pokemon and had an endless amount of energy. Literally, it was amazing when they calmed down and went to sleep. Dialgo turned back and said nothing.

"Yeah, thats what I thought." I muttered, continuing to watch the battle, wanting to get in on it myself.
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