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Default Idea for an entirely New DP Contests!

My idea would be where there will be 3 rounds in a DP Contest. 1st round belongs to the Pokeblock round, where just like the RSE Contests, the Pokemon's attributes are calculated to determine the order of the Pokemon and also to gain extra appeal points at the end of the contest.

The 2nd round would be where an attack display be held. This will be a clause, and is totally optional. The judge judging this must have an awesome imagination. This is similar to the segment in the DP Contest games - Visual Competition, only where it is not clothes where you get to win points, but it is attacks. Each participant will IM the judge of a combination of 2 moves, like Water Pulse and Ice Beam.

Ex. LS sends me Water Pulse and Ice Beam personally through IM.
Being the judge, I'll think about the attacks, and think of it when using Water Pulse, circular beams of water come running out, and LS's Pokemon will freeze it with Ice Beam, an enchanting sight.

This round is actually unreliable, so maybe a special combo moves list needs to be make where certain combo moves will score more points. This however will be similar to RSE contests, but you can only use 2 attacks, which is your only chance, to get points. Like Water Sport and Water Gun, +8 for appeal, and +4 for Combo!

The 3rd round will be the attack segment. Instead of following the games which I don't even understand how it works in DP, I will give a "new" idea. The 3rd round will be a little different from RSE Contest though. The attacking rounds will just be like the attacking round in RSE, but it will consist only of 4 rounds. Even if any user uses jamming move, the jam is taken away, as no jam are counted in DP, all appeals.

Since the 2nd round is optional, let's say I want to have a forum contest, so only the primary round and attack rounds are needed to judged, and there are only 4 attacking rounds, speeding things up.

New prizes for attraction of tourists!!
1st place: Ribbon + a berry worth below 2k + $2000 cash money
2nd place: a berry worth below 1.5k + 1.5k
3rd place: a berry worth below 1k + 1.5k
4th place: a berry worth $500 + $1000
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