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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Dialgo made no signs of fatigue or slowing down as he almost flew through the terrain we were immersed in. Even though he could fly, he rarely did. Maybe occasionally in battle, but he preffered being on land more than anything. Soon we heard a few explosions in the distance that, based on Dialgo's hypothosis came from Hyper Beam attacks.

I thought Scout said this was the way to go to avoid any trouble. The Garchomp growled sarcastically.

"You know that trouble moves all the time remember?" I stated, looking down at his face. "So oh grand and mighty steed, which way?"

Dialgo looked in both directions, then put his head down and listened for a moment. In a second without saying anything he ran of like he was just shot out of a cannon into the tree's on the down side of the mountain. I don't know how he managed to miss the huge sheer drop in the path on the way down but thankfully he made a galavanting jump and landed on the other side of the gorge, and continued running like nothing was wrong.

I really didn't think that anything I could say or do would make him think other than what he was thinking now, and no amount of ranting would make him feel regretful of what he did, so I just left him alone for the time being. Dialgo began to slow down to a stop when we approached a battle between an Aerodactyl with a familiar attitude problem and an Espeon. Dialgo loked at the Aerodactyl angrily for reasons I couldn't determine.

"We'll talk about that stunt over the gorge later." I commented.
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