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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

2 times the reviews!

Manga review;

Title: Yakitate Japan!
Read: All of the first and second arc, beginning of third (Volume 14)
Rating: General Audience
Genre: Cooking

Go go Japan rangers! Something about rice and bread tasting nice and other things! This has nothing to do with the series itself.


Decent graphics with nice frame-by-frames. Somehow the females remind me of Ichigo's female leads. *drool* XD Anyway, the graphics are far from normal, if you take into account of the men with Afros and other ridiculous characters. Big points!



The story is about a boy trying to be the best Japan maker in the world. What is Japan? It's Ja-pan! Ja-BREAD! OH MY GOSH THE PUN!!!! THE PUN!!!! Anyway, he wanted to make bread that tastes better than rice, and called it Japan. He would enter this one big bread company so he can attain his full potential to create the best Japan.

Along the plot he meets friends and enemies alike, but will Azuma succeed? This plot is so crappy that you have to give it a 9. lol



Somehow the characters feel stereotypical in some ways, and not deviate from the stupidity or seriousness or whatever.



Pfft. Curry has nothing on Japan, the breakfast of...bakers?



Okay the show's educational without being boring, I've seen at least 2 recipes (with ones involving making breadfrom RICE COOKERS). The humour is seemlessly incorporated with the sheer "wtf? it's bread.". Big points! Big points!

I personally thought the parody omake "Yakitate GOHAN!" to be genius. lol


45/50 or 9.0

W00! Go bread-making! I can't believe this is not Japan (pun fully intended)! XD

- Kenny C. --> I made Japan with a rice cooker! XD
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