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Default Re: Digimon Data Squad (Eng.)/Digimon Savers (Jp.)

Originally Posted by Neon_Espeon View Post
The 18th? Someone lied, Wikipedia said October 1st. Oh, well... Anyways. This season looks awesome! Much, much better than Frontier which was awful(Humans turing INTO Digimon?! That's messed up...). And i like that Blue Dog Thing. He reminds me of Lucario.
Wikipedia, for once, didn't lie. It is coming out on the 1st of October. I checked my TV Guide.

I like how Agumon is brought back. In a fandub on youtube, he has Guiomon's voice. I liked Digimon Frontier actually, but Data Squad and Tamers are my favorites.

The blue dog Digimon? The one with the boxing gloves? That's Gaomon.

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