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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

OOC: Oh I so didn't know this started! Boy I'm oblivious.
Color coding:
Sienna=Dialgo the Garchomp
Gray=Scout the Pidgeot
DarkRed=Ashe the Charizard
Indigo=Tearess the Flygon
Green=Willow the Grovyle
Teal=Enkai the Lucario

IC: I yawned. Sitting in a tree waiting for a recon report to come in wasn't my idea of extravagently interesting. Especially with a sadistic Pokemon that complained and had an ego the size of a Wailord. I looked down at my Garchomp. Oddly colored just because that was the way he was, but still just as he was. No stronger attributes than other Pokemon, except maybe his temper.

Scout better get here soon or I'll make sure he's grounded. The Garchomp growled.

"You know Dialgo, you said that an hour ago." I commented. "Now be quiet."

In the distance I heard the familiar sound of fast wingbeats that were in a frantic hurry to get to where ever they were going. Soon, over the trees came a Silver and pale teal and lavender Pidgeot, who started blurting out apologies before I could say anything.

"Scout, just relax and tell us where we are, and where not to go." I said, putting my hands out to try and calm him down.

What? Oh yeah. Uhh, we go that way if we want to avoid any trouble. He replied.

"Alright." I said, holding up his Pokeball. "I'll call you out when I need you again."

After he was returned into his Pokeball, I jumped down onto Dialgo's back who without waiting to see if I was on right took off like a shot. I had a hard time getting a good grip on him, but eventually I did.

"You wanna wait next time?" I asked.

I don't wait. He growled.

"No kidding." I muttered as we rushed through the forest.

OOC: I won't be here for most of the weekend. Dental stuff and what not so thats why I'm not interacting with anyone yet.
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