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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

OOC: Should be obvious, but:
This is Eric.
This is Aroura.
This is Drake.
This is Riley.
This is Tsuki.
This is Digix.


A sleek, cat-like Pokemon darted between trees, leaping from branch to branch. He held something moving tightly in his jaws, dangling. It twitched twice and then went limp. The Espeon's shape was barely visible in the fading sunlight.

Something chased the Espeon from the ground below. The silhouette of a fox-like Pokemon could be seen.

I can't leave you alone for three minutes!

I don't care, Eric replied.

"Where are you guys going?" A human on the back of a Dragonair took the lead. "Look! Drake's faster then you guys!"

The girl stuck her tongue out playfully. You're retarded, Eric growled.

They're both morons, Aroura said with a sigh.

Yeah, they are, Drake agreed.

Megan grabbed her green-and-white hat and tossed it like a Frisbee. "Catch it, Aroura!"

The Vaporeon sighed again and grabbed the hat in between her teeth. Can you just sit still for a few minutes?

"Why?" Megan answered with a confused expression before Drake threw her off and into a tree. "Ow!"

I've got her, He told the marine fox before using wrap to tie her to the tree.

"That hurt!" Megan complained. "Can we play a little nicer?"

You'll never catch me! Eric spat at the Vaporeon chasing him before narrowly dodging a strong beam of ice and getting caught in a blizzard.

He fell out of the tree and Aroura used her tail to slam him into the ground. The dead Rattata he was holding flew through the air. Drake let Megan go and tossed Eric's pokeball to Aroura, who immediately recalled him.

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