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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Marcus' blade flashed in what remained of the sun's light. He brought it whistling through the air to strike at scyther. Scyther parried, once, twice, a third time and tossed itself towards Marcus, knocking him back. Marcus fell back against a nearby tree just off the road and then leaped back to his feet.
He twisted around, bringing his sword crashing down towards Scyther's head. Scyther was too quick however and brought his arms above his head to block the attack, before swinging them out. Marcus was disarmed, his blade rolled through the air and stuck itself in the road a few meters off.

"Heh, beaten again." Marcus said as he bowed before Scyther. Scyther too bowed in turn.
Marcus walked over to his sword stuck in the mud and pulled it up, it was coated in grass and soil.

"I think this will need a Lapras-good cleaning." Marcus smiled to scyther as he bagan rumaging around in one of the pockets on his trousers. Pulling out a pokeball.

Marcus tossed the ball down to the ground, but from it emerged not Lapras... but a tiny little baby bulbasaur who began rubbing it's head against Marcus' leg.
Marcus blinked and let out a long sigh.
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