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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

OOC: Yay! It's started!

Lorielle sat on the grass silently, hugging her knees, her green eyes clouded with sadness.

How long has it been? Lorielle thought, she sniffed. I will not cry. He's not dead. He'll come back. I know he will.


Lorielle turned at the sound of Pike's voice, the Jolteon stood looking at her worriedly.

What's wrong? Pike asked.

"N-nothing," Lorielle answered quickly, "I'm fine."

Yeah, I believe that. Your tears show it all. Pike rolled his eyes. Lorielle snifed and looked away.

"I, I miss him so much."

I know you do. Pike comforted. He'll come back to you in no time at all, OK?

Lorielle tried to hide her tears, but soon they all came out, the young girl rested her head on her knees, letting her tears fall. Pike licked her arm comfortingly.

Hey. Don't cry. Pike said.

OOC: Sorry if its rushed. I'm in a hurry.
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