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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Jaden0527 View Post
One little secret I'm going to give out right now is that, everyone thinks people were recruited for the army. In reality, know one was.

Although the people may be related to the real life characters of Pokemon, it won't really relate to what they did on the show, but how they influenced the war, because they did.

Pokemon aren't really cared for anymore. Since people get lazier and lazier by the decades, so people don't want to pokemon battle anymore. They're often shunned away, and if they don't go away, they get hit by the enraged human. This created their now vilolent and very territorial nature.

BryceBoy believes in me so much. I feel like I'm going to let him down.
aahhh... dont let me put too much pressure on you, i'm sure you'll do fine....

just one tip i have for you, reread your story and refine for grammar mistakes and stuff because just from this last post, i can point out many.... so just watch out for that
As long as you put some effort into it and persevere, i will be following along to aid you in any way possible!

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