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Default Re: Starting Coordinators: Free Berries

Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
You cannot add the attributes until an employee who works here verifies your order, which is me ^_^.

Feel free to take a look at this link - It is my Coordinator's Stats, you can follow the way I put the attributes.

And just with what you do to the 5 different attributes, eg.

You bought this Pokeblock, and you add them to your stats, your stats will be...| Cool: 0/125 | Beauty: 51/125 | Cute: 25/125 | Smart: 0/125 | Tough: 0/125 | ***Luster: 40/255*** |

So you still want the Pokeblock? If you want, I'll approve it for ya.
I knew I couldn't do it yet I was just asking what it would do. Sure I'll take it.(So I just automatically feed it to my pokemon after you approve it?)
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