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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Jaden0527 View Post
Believe it or not, I already have another idea. Though I'll probably work on Vampire Hunters more. Also, I didn't take any of this from Mohini's idea. It came to me when I was looking through Deep Born, even though I wasn't really reading it. To long for me.


In 3006, Sinnoh was plagued by a five year war. This war trapped thousands of people in their homes, leaving them to hide. The army was able to evacuate most of the area in an elaborate plan, but, they were unable to save the students and teachers of May Norman Middle School. When the school was searched, the rooms looke untouched, though everyone knew that their were people inside. Evidence of people in the school, were suicide notes, notes to loved ones, and dna of course. Though no bodies were found. The only thing there was a diary from a girl named Maria Macaleb Norman.

This diary gave a description of what she did everyday. Every few pages, thier were messages with clues, and little pictures, but the dates on these pages were way out of date. They often went five years in to the future, or even thousands of years in the past. The diary was thought to be a joked and turned over to the family of the girl. The girls brother always remebered her babling on about seeing the future, but he thought it was just her over active imagination, now he realizes, it's way more than that. Now he has to connect and follow all the clues, in order to find his sister, and what ever she was babling about.

This has alot to do with pokemon actually becasue alot of this will have something to do with Ash, Misty, Brock, and the rest of them.

Answers to obvious questions: The war, who was fighting in it?
The government knwos, but won't tell the public. Most people don't know because they were fearing for their life in their houses for so long.

How long did this war last?
This war lasted only two months. The goverment says that once the people of Sinnoh were evacuated, the enemy left.

How do pokemon fit in to the story besides the characters?
There won't be many battles, but the pokemon will often be used to sniff out stuff. There will be some scenes where pokemon will attack humans. Pokemon have changed since the 2000s.
now that sounds like something i would read!
(ugh, i say that alot, but hey, i am interested in alot of story ideas, though when i go to read them, they arent as good as i thought they would be.... dont let me down!)

I dont think that your story would be like Mohini's, the way she described things sounds like a completely different subject (hers is more lighthearted and humorous i think, and yours is dark and mysterious!) Plus, i started a new fic [Intertwining Eras] that i WILL get around to updating..... and that was about a diary as well, but it is more emotional and whatnot..... i started it like 1 1/2 months ago, and i will update soon people!

so you see, it all depends on what you put out, not just the concept of a diary

Back to the Story:
i like how you take a different approach than packing your story full of battles and make it centered completely around pokemon.... that was a nice touch....

i think the plot overall is fantastic! missing bodies, though suicide notes are found.... creepy

And a big government conspiracy to cover up a 2 month war that they say was 5 years long.... interesting

The ONLY problem i have w/ it is the inclusion of Ash, Misty etc.
i tend to get turned off by fics that are like runoffs of the tv series.... i like to influence people to create new and inventive characters, but hey, its your fic, do what you want with it.......

I cannot wait for this story to begin! i say go ahead.... but dont disappoint

#1- Phantomkat's URPG story about venturing into PE2K itself... sooo excited! (i'm included ^^

#2- Jaden0527's fic about gov conspiracy and missing ppl YAY!

#3- This was close..... practically a tie for 2nd (i have to see how good a writer he is) but Mohini's diary fic is DEFINITELY up here! very very close to being 2nd!

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