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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Okay, this is the next fic I'm going to do after Destiny's Tag is done (seriously, when I had more than one story in progress, it was Hell >>) so it won't be up for a long while.

First off, has anybody ever read a Pokemon Snap fic? I haven't and that's sad. So for my fic, it's going to be a Pokemon Snap comedy fic (because DT is going to get a lot more serious later on).

A young photographer by the name of Hensain and his pet Swablu, Sky, get an invatation from the esteemed Professor Oak to take part in the a photography contest. The mission: To photograph all the Pokemon they can find on the vast island in two weeks time. The winner will have his/her photographs be used for the entries of the latest PokeDex that will be used by starting trainers in all of teh regions. The competetion is tough, though. He makes a rival that wants nothing but to win and he always seems to have the baddest luck when he is taking his shots (disrupting Jigglypuff singing and being a part of Haunter's pranks).

Taking a step away from the aspiring trainer fics, I decided to follow the plot of one of my favorite games. Training isn't the only thing that happens in the Pokemon world after all.

- Kat

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