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Default Re: PokePark Coverage from Official Pokemon Site!

One word… wow.

In all the years I’ve been a hardcore Pokémon fan, I never once thought I’d actually see something even close to this becoming real. Sure, the crazy and possibly outlandish idea of it came to my head a few times, but I simply laughed it off and simply thought the expectations of ever seeing anything even close to it would just be a dream.

Sure, it’s not exactly as massive as Disney World or something like that is, but holy crap, it’s certainly starting off on the right track. After all, Disney World didn’t start off big and massive either. And perhaps people here may think it’s a bit too “kiddie-like,” but doing something like that can be very successful niche marketing when it comes to trying to outmatch much bigger parks, who are targeting so many market segments at once, and may over look this one. My only hope is that it becomes extremely successful, and they bring something like this over to the USA. I’m sure that after spending likely over $300 bucks at New York’s Pokémon Center, I’d definitely like to see what this is going to be like.

I highly recommend looking at the photos the site provides, some of them will definitely make you smile and make you almost wish you were there to see what it all actually looks like in real life.

Heh, truly gone are the days that Pokémon will still be called just a “fad.”

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