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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Mohini View Post
Um...okay, so I know I've already got a fic I'm struggling with, but there's this little idea bugging me so I thought I'd see what you guys thought. ^o^

I've already written a summary and two little sketch-chapters, but I'll just give you the general story.

Leila is a self-centered, selfish, superficial, anti-social twenty years old girl who owns a book store in Lilycove city in Hoenn. She is arrogant and intelligent, but has an uncanny ability to insult everyone she talks to. She lives her life alone, from day to day, avoiding calls from her mother, getting annoyed by everything which doesn't fit into her daily routine and most things that do.

One day two unusual things happen - an odd shipment and a little pokemon enter her life. The shipment proves to be a diary with empty pages, but when she opens it while the little pokemon is around she can see that there is an entry...with today's date! It gives her insight on some good and some bad things that would happen on that day and she can't settle down until she tries to prevent the bad things from happening. Not only that, but a new page appears with each passing day.

All this is happening during (and is closely related to) a huge music festival, the Jamfest, which takes place on Lilycove beach so there would be a lot of Hoenn pop culture revealed.

I hope that wasn't too long. So...anyone?

PS: Oh, of course, due to Leila's...unusual personality and her being forced to interact with many, many people, there would be a lot of my pathetic attempts at humour. ^o^

i like it!
it is kind of a step away from the usual action-packed fics that one usually sees on these boards..... i read some of your other fic and i think that you could pull this one off as well ^^
i say go for it, and if you do, you will know that you will always have at least 1 reader: ME! (you'll probably have a lot more though, you are pretty talented!)

i cant wait to find out what little poke it may be!!! an azurill maybe, or a pichu [nah too overrated] i would stay away from the starters (ex. Piplup) idk why!]
well looking forward to it! ^^


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