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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Mohini, I think it's a good idea.
I have a little idea of my own. My graphic novel idea for my most succesful, in real life story. It has attracted the minds of friends and unknown people alike. So let's see if you guys will enjoy it.

Vampire Hunters:
Raine Escraic Sienta, son of the mighty demon warrior Guild Esrasac Sienta, has finally been born. The humans thought this day would never come. He was trapped inside his mom stomach for 108 years. His mom was of course granted immortality from this spell placed on her. Though she didn't want it. All she wanted was for her son to be born, and live a normal life on Earth, instead of the Underworld like his father wanted. 108 years after the spell was placed upon her, she broke it, releasing her child who immeidately grew in to an old man. He was quickly named, and ran off to kill the person who had trapped him inside his mother's stomach.

He killed many humans along the way. His destiny was becoming a reality now. That was until, he did find the witch who trapped him. The witch pleaded for her life, stating that humans were actually good people(Wich he didn't think, he thought they were evil becuase of the spell.)Like his mother. Who was human, his father was half demon, half vampire. After experiencing flash backs to realize it was true, he spared the witch and decided to change his life around, and revive all that he had murdered. The only way to accomplish this was to reason with the Skeleton Council, Head of Hell. They rejected his request, and he then realized, he couldn't stop his murerous path yet. for he would have to destroy the Skeleton Council, take control over it, then revive all the humans.

(things about his father, the witch, and his mother will be revealed in the actual story)

Also I'm going to draw pictures of the characters, and new characters, and the main action scenes. I plan to make a whole series of this.
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