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About Psychic:

I was never really interested in reading or writing untilt about age ten when I became fascinated with writing and decided that it was really something I wanted to do. I started writing a chapter story which all my classmates loved, and with their enthusiasm continued it until I hit a block. I began writing Pokémon Fan Fiction when I joined Serebii Forums in late 2004 and have made a name for myself there since. I have been working on my writing, trying to do whatever I can to become better and learn what it is that readers like while also becoming an avid reviewer and helping other people improve their own writing.

Currently I am a Fan Fiction Moderator at Serebii and have written a total of seven One-Shots, four of which I posted here (and I used to have a chaptered fic which I am currently trying to revamp). I have many, many more fics in the making and am constantly getting new fic ideas, but I always either lack the drive to write or hit a very simple block early on.

Here is what I have been able to finish and post here.

Name: Starting Anew
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: Character Reflection, Pokémon PoV
Rating: General

Summary: When the legendaries have deemed the world too corrupt and full of evil to continue, they create an Apocalypse so as to cleanse the world and begin afresh. However, as the legendaries watch the destruction from on high, one of them is troubled by what is occurring and struggles to understand the powerful emotions he is feeling. For while Mewtwo is regarded as a legendary with the others, he feels out of place, and can not understand why he has even an ounce of pity for the creatures below, those who created him, used him, despised him.

He is, however, given the chance to be something else in this new world. To no longer be feared and hated, but to be accepted and perhaps even revered like the other Llgendaries. But his identity is built upon the fact that he is unlike the others, so what would this make him in this completely new world?

Personal Notes: Having always been fascinated with Mewtwo, I loved having the chance to write from his perspective and try to explore a few of the many personal obstacles he faces. This fic had been on my mind for a long time and like many others had been doomed to rot in my head for eternity, however a one-shot contest on SPPf sort of forced me to write it, and in the end I came in third place.

I very much like this story; it touched upon just about all the issues I wanted to explore and while I’d have liked to dig further into Mewtwo’s character I am still incredibly happy with this one-shot.

Name: Pouncer
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: no idea what this falls under…Muse, I suppose
Rating: General

Summary: In the Pokémon games there are always Trainers willing to battle you on the route right outside your hometown. But why do they stay where all the inexpeeienced trainers are, and why are they always so weak?

A boy just starting off from Pallet Town encounters another trainer in Route 1, and while the guy seems nice enough, it’s a bit odd that a teenager like him would just be hanging out there…

Personal Notes: Inspiration struck at half past midnight one night and before it left within the hour I typed this up. Not meant to be profound or even exciting, just a sort of a muse that makes you wonder. I didn’t want the dialogue to be so long but still, I’m quite content with the results of this.

Name: If I Could Take It Back
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: Self-Reflective, Emotional, Pokémon PoV
Rating: General, but I guess it could be bumped to PG

Summary: Snapper didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She never meant anyone any harm, but in one moment, because of one split-second where she just wasn’t thinking, her life was destroyed. The Croconaw, overwhelmed with anger and hate for herself, knowing she can do nothing to reverse what she has done, runs away. That night her other teammates sneak away from their trainer to say a final good-bye, and she sees just how big an affect she has on these other Pokémon, as well.

Personal Notes: One or two seconds had a huge impact on my life, and only afterwards could I see what I had done, the hurt I had done to myself and others. My summer was messed up because of it and I couldn’t help but despise myself for what I had done.

I was just filled with too many emotions, but I knew that I could channel them into a piece of writing, to share them, to show others how I felt. Nobody seemed to understand when I told them, so perhaps they’d better understand through Snapper. I’m very glad that I wrote this and am quite proud that I was able to write it as accurately as I feel I did.

Name: Battle of Wills
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: Tragedy, part Pokémon PoV
Rating: Parental Guidance

Summary: Professor Harrison Oak is surprised to see trainer Lawrence Silver appear at the door to the lab he shares with his sister, Professor Rosaline, who is currently in Orre. Lawrence explains to the professor that he has, more by chance then by skill, captured a Pokémon that he had never heard of - not even his Pokédex could identify it! When they finally find out the creature's identity, things get a little too out of control. Professor Harrison means to take precutions to protect the public - and this Pokémon - but can this wild beast be tamed?

Personal Notes: I have always loved legendary Pokémon, and it's somewhat bothering that when you catch them in the games, you know everything about them, they're easy to tame, and are no different than any other Pokémon. Of course, my main incentive to write this was because I was rushing to find something to write about for the tragedy one-shot contest on SPPf. I quite like the way it turned out, and am proud to have placed third in the contest.


Name: What They Didin't Tell You In The Brochure
Type: URPG capture story
Genre: Adventure
Rating: General

Summary: Psychic and her Scyther Bladewing journey to the Ruins of Alph, a place long-deserted by tourists, looking to do a bit of exploring. However what they get is much more than what they bargained for as Bladewing finds a way into the secret underground passageways not even the excavators had uncovered. From then on the two manage to get attacked by multiple Pokémon and find something disturbing about the place, when really all they want to do is get the heck out of there.

Personal Notes: My first URPG story in which I successfully captured Golbat, Unown and Natu. I really like this story and had a good bit of fun writing it, and felt the drive to continue it (for once) so I could get the Pokémon already. Also placed fairly well in the URPG Summer Contest, as well as on a One-Shot contest on SPPf.

Name: Halloween: A Hassle!
Type: URPG capture story
Genre: Something between Humour and Horror
Rating: Parental Guidance

Summary: At a costume party, dressed nobly as Stan Irwin: Alligator Hunter, Jeremy spots his crush, Nicole, dressed as a Plusle, and is determined to impress her. He gets his chance when the Persian of his friend Andrew, adorned similarly to a flamboyant gang leader, chases Nicole's Minun about outside. In the confusion of the cat-and-mouse chase, Milo darts into the nearby forest, and Jeremy bravely runs after the Minun, hoping to win the girl over.

Personal Notes: Originally a regular Halloween One-Shot, it was supposed to be much scarier and have a less cheerful ending. Still quite like the way it turned out and am debating whether or not to continue it so we find out what happens when Jeremy brings Milo home. Enetered in the Winter Competition; I think I could have done better had this Halloween story not been entered during Christmas.

Name: Scrambling After Eggs (unfinished)
Type: URPG capture story
Genre: Adventure
Rating: General

Summary: Psychic and Bladewing have been asked to do a bit of egg-sitting while the teen's cousin is away for a few days. Unfortunately, the task isn't as easy as you'd expect, and the egg is constantly getting them in trouble, taking them from an angry mother's nest to a rushing river to the territory of carnivorous Pokémon! They're seriously not getting paid enough for this...

Personal Notes: I absolutely love this story. I'm just stuck on Part Three and can't seem to hit this annoying block! Very fun story.

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