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Default Re: Oppinons on Colloseum

Originally Posted by Missingno mystery
1 I know he go on my nerves to but 1, you can tern it off , 2, he tells you how to say all the Pokemon's names! Which is why I Now have to get the Pokemon handbook #4!
2No, Not more real. Sorry but I really don't like the ppl. They stand there and do nothing , plus, when your Pokemon gets nocked out, the Pokemon gets recall'd from behind the trainer !
It is more real with the pplz being there. I said it's more real with the pplz being there not the whole game itself. I need to play the game before I decide that. And when I said I didn't like the announcer I wasn't trying to dis you. I was just saying he got on my nerves and I didn't like taking the time to go turn him off so that's why I hated it even more. But you are right. I'm kind of glad he was there because I found out a whole lot of names that I thought I was pronouncing em right but I wasn't. x__x Other than that tho the announcer was a dud.

I like the pplz standing there!