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I've seen anothor pokemon episode error, its on the 4th season of Pokemon "Air Time"
After ash wins a Plain Badge from Witneys PokeGym, Ash was invited for an interview at the Goldenrod poketalk radio..while hes been interviewed, Proffessor Oak and Ash Pokemon in the Lab are Listening to him, they were Muk, Taurus, Snorlax, Herracoross and KRABBY! Ohhh what Krabby? must that supposed to be KINGLER?
Ash's Krabby evolved in at the 1st season of Pokemon, well i think that might be an episode error, but look at Snorlax which ash captured at Orange Islands and Herracross which is captured at Johto...

By the way This Episode is one of the BEst.. It has lots of Fun, Thanks to Team Rocket!
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