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Default Re: Author Archive

Now that I have more than one Fanfiction being made, I think I'll put myself in here too.


Solar Destiny: Tales of War

-Status: Paused (Long pause, I know)
-Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
-Genre: Action/Adventure

-Summary: A young man, named Van, has had several disturbing dreams depicting an all Pokémon world similar to our own during what could've been WWII; he was one of those gun-toting Pokémon. One fine Saturday, as he was watching a Solar Eclipse, he is wracked with sudden pain and blacks out. He awakes to discover that his dreams have become real; he was transported to this Pokémon world, and is turned into a Pikachu himself. Aftr being captured and tortured, he is offered a place among the Ishtarian Army to help in the fight against the enemy army of Zenos, a neighboring country. Van enters rigorous training, learning how to shoot many guns, as well as a special hand-to-hand combat training. Three months later, he enters combat for the first time, and begins to see why this must end soon...

Van must now look for a way home while trying to stop the war engulfing the planet. However, he soon realizes that the enemy can also be allies, and vice versa...

-Personal Thoughts: This was my first real Fanfiction, and I really worked hard on it. It is to this day one of my best Fanfictions ever, even better than the ones I never posted or brought to fruition. I enjoyed the thrill it brought me just imagining what happens next, and the difficulty of putting it down in words. I sincerely regret letting it fall into the netherpages of the Fanfiction board, and plan on reviving it with my next chapter soon .

__________________________________________________ _______________

Banner also by Comexback

-Status: In progress
Rating: G to PG-13
Genre: Adventure, Action, Emotion, Romance (Yep, all of those ^^)

Summary: Eight Pokémon, bearing some scar of the past, whether it be physical, mental, or even both, come together in a forest, all with a goal common of all Pokemon recently: To find Paradise and be happy and free forever. They are mostly loners, but as they come together, they realize that they'll need each other to survive the chaos that will ensue as strife with the humans reaches a peak. A horrible destiny draws near, and the only way to save them all may be sacrifice...

Personal Thoughts: I loved the RP that this story is based upon, and that is the whole reason behind the Fanfic itself. I wanted so much to give the RP an ending it deserved, and since I had planned the whole thing out in my head even after the RP died, when Kaze came back as Comexback I wasted no time in asking to finish it as a fanfic. This is the end result, and I've already got some good comments on it, though they're all from those who RPed in it.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Banner by Neo Pikachu

-Status: In progress
Rating: PG-13+
Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic

Summary: Alternate Universe Sequel to the first Trial of Juno.

Juno's success in the Crimson War was told in songs, and celebrated for months. However, all this was brought to an end in a hellish rage of fire and death as the Black Onyx Kingdom swept the land and skies, conquering all in their path, which was made easier by the weakness the war gave the planet. Hearing their cries, Juno returned from death, but seeing the horrible state the world was in, he took the Silver Apex into hiding on the Azure Islands to recover and hide out. There, they met the Southern Tempest, and an interesting Pikachu named Landon, who bore a scar on his left eye, a tough past giving him strength, and a mysterious destiny leading him...

Now, Juno and Landon must work to solve the problems the Black Onyx Kingdom have placed on the world and stop their rule. Little do they know that the battle may become harder than they think, for both heavenly Utopia and the hellish Abyss have a stake in this war...

Personal Thoughts: Yet another RP I adored that ended before its time, this one by the creator of ToJ himself, Neo Pikachu. he gave the permission for this fanfic to come to life, and I have had so much fun bringing it to life. I have been rather slow with it, admittedly, but I still plan to finish it and give Landon and Juno the story they have always deserved.
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