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Default Pokemon Dash Released!

Pokemon Dash Released!

Pokemon Dash is now released for the Nintendo DS.

Game Description
Pokemon Dash is the first Pokemon title to appear on Nintendo DS, and it races onto the new handheld with an innovative flair. Your goal is to guide Pikachu from one Poke Ball checkpoint to the next by sliding the stylus across the touch screen. Pikachu races across land, sky and sea in a heated competition to beat other Pokemon to the finish line.

-Race your rivals! Race as Pikachu in a whole new way using the stylus slide-action to reach the goal in record time.
-Meet Munchlax! Don't be surprised when you run across an unfamiliar face -- Munchlax, the pre-evolved form of Snorlax.
-Connect for more courses! Hook up with GBA Pokemon versions: Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald to create new courses in the shape of your GBA Pokemon.
-Race your friends! Up to six players can complete using their own Pokemon Dash game cards.

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