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Default Re: Contest Chat

Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
And, can someone tell me how do you calculate Luster? As in, in the Contest Rules, it is written as all Attributes add up.

But from what I know, shouldn't it be the Luster of all different Pokeblocks added up?

Someone please clarify, I would prefer experienced people to clarify, like DG/Jack, no offense. I need it asap, thankyou.
It's written somewhere there too. The luster is calculated by dividing it by 2 and adding it to the rest of stats,just like as if it was another secondary attribute(the 2 compatible with the contest primary attribute)

here's the equation

Equation = ((B+C+F)/2)+A
A = Primary attribute for the contest (ex. Cool)
B and C = Secondary attributes for the contest (ex. for Cool, these are Beauty and Tough)
F = Pokemon's feel

But if you meant in pokeblock, you divide the smooth of the berry by the number of used berry, then subtract the number of used berry, and you have the luster
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