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Default Re: Starting Coordinators: Free Berries

Originally Posted by Froxy View Post
Pamtre, Ganlon, and Chesto are the berries I'd like to start off with. I'd also like to make them into a Pokeblock.

So I can start doing contests.

And win stuff.
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Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33 View Post

Sure. I'll add you to the list of employees.

Thanks for the help DG. :) I think this is the order you want approved. *Approves*

heh, it's my job to do it. By the way, the link to the blending calculator has changes, since UPC changed its url. This is the new one that works for me(well, the old one works too for me, but many see the error message and don't want to bother searching there)
Originally Posted by Rpgraccoon View Post
I've never even bought a berry before. The New DP ones seem cool for battle just like the hold items. ( I love the iron ball )

Aspear $500
Wepear $1,500
Belue $2,000
Iapapa $1,000

lol, still confused about luster, but I know the max. I enjoyed the 2 contests I participated in. Would love to be in more.
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