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Default Re: Eraizaa's shinban no hon

AIM battle

Rules: 3vs3, DP, Normal stuffs, no items

The JR Trainer's Espeon, Politoed and Typhlosion


Dark Rider's Breloom, Gallade and Kingdra


JR's Espeon KOd Breloom and Gallade plus got Kingdra down to 26%, but then he used Belly drum and got KOd plus only did 23% of damage with Typhlosion. Kingdra has 3% and delivered a precise damage of 100% with Hydro Pump.

DR: $1,000
JR: $500
Me: $1,500

Salary: $34,000-$2,000(the given School tourney wage)+$1,500= $33,500
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