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Default Re: How to beat the Elite Four

Originally Posted by JohtoTrainer
Because you lose money everytime, then you won't have money to buy Revives/Potions/Ethers etc.
It's true you do lose money, but at least it's not like the older games where you lost half of your money when you white/black out.

My suggestion, go to island one make your way to the ember spa. There you will find a crush kin, two dudes running towards each other and back, and a girl running up and down the beach. If you position yourself right above the guy on the left who's running at his friend and time it right, you can get everyone within the VS seeker range. The chick has a Mankey and Primeape, which eventually become two Primeapes, the two guys have a Machop and Machoke, which eventually become Machoke and Machamp, and the Crush Kin have a Primeape and a Machoke, and eventually the Machoke evolves. The great thing about this area is you can just go to the spa to heal after each round of battles if you nee to. You gain about 1700 EXP from the Machokes and Primapes and 2200 from the Machamps.
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