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Default Re: Eraizaa's shinban no hon

AIM battle

Rules: 4v4 4 player double battle, normal terrain and weather, no items (holds allowed)

LS's Primeape, LS's Houndoom, Hus's Garchomp and Hus's Gengar


FR's Jolteon and Leman's Kingdra and two other mons they didn't used.


The dice and lady luck also teamed up against LS and Hus. "LSpl0x (6:28:07 PM): dont forget to put how gay your dice was" "LSpl0x (6:37:14 PM): put how gay this battle was"
FR and Leman won.

FR: $1,000
Leman: $1,000
LS: $500
Hus: $500
Me: $2,000

Salary: $33,000

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