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Default Re: Your greatest G/S moment

1. Beating Ash with my LV46 Aerodactyl
2. Beating my friend's LV100 Typhlosion in one hit with my LV72 Tyranitar
3. Having my Quilava evolve
4. Figuiring out that LV doesn't really matter a lot (i'm not that smart)
5. Getting my Evee to evolve to an Umbreon
6. Getting a Bellossom
7. Getting an Umbreon with Faint Attack
8. Beating Clair with my Suicune very easily (it had Icy Wind. Is Aurora Beam stronger than Icy Wind)
9. Just recently getting Entei (Just one more to go!)
10. Getting Dragonite and Tyranitar
11. Getting my first LV90+ poke after like 4 years.
12. Getting a baby Poke'mon (they're so damn cute!)
13. Getting most of the trade evolution poke's
14. Getting my Typhlosion on Silver to Learn Fire Blast
15. Having a Chancey that knows Metronome
16. And last but not least(thank god...), beating my team on Silver for once.

That's it for now on(I mean for the greatest moment thing for me).

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