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Default Re: Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Discussion

Originally Posted by PhantomKat7 View Post
Ah yes, forgot that. I think it's up for 9000 Poke.

Ho-Oh is like Mewtwo, the second go the recruit rate is 99% (I brough my Friend Bow just in case. ^^;

- Kat
lol, well you'd be very unlucky to not get it

Oh yeah, anyone looking for a member for their alliance? Ill be glad to join since im one of the bests, i have 10 level 100's and their all my favorites.
Salamence, blastoise, charizard, mewtwo, Espeon, Raichu, Tyrannitar, Gengar, lugia, and groudon. I dont use joy seeds even though they arent like rare candies, I also bought TM's for all of them, their moves I gaved ginseng for them, so their moves are from +1-6.
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