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Default Re: Rukario Revealed!

Mew appears as Ho-oh because it has the Genes of every Pokemon, as well as the move Transform, so it's likely Mew might be able to transform into a Pokemon without seeing it.

It's definately Psychic, because thus far the only non-Psychic Pokemon that has been able to communicate with humans is Meowth (i.e. Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei+Unown Powers, Jirachi), and I'm not entire;y sure on the second type. I hope Dark, as it'd make an awesome type combo, though I doubt it has anything to do with Ice or Water just by watching the Trailer. We already have 2 Water Legendaries Suicune and Kyogre) and 2 Ice Legendaries (Articuno and Regice), so they might go for a new type.

Khold, don't. =[

I'd have to say it looks like a dog (Actually, Anubis is supposedly a Jackal, so if they share similarities - which they do - it'd actually make it a Jackal also) for the theme; ancient. Ancient Castle, ancient war/fight, ancient Pokemon (Regis, Mew), ancient clothes (Clothes Ash and co wear are likely very old designs), and a Pokemon that resembles and ancient god.

My Egyptian history isn't that good, but if I remember correctly, Anubis guided the dead to Osiris (Or something like that) which could be a clue to "Wave Guiding Hero" (After all, it seems that the story revolves around that Sceptre that the Hero [Ash] must use).

Originally Posted by rust
Hmmm... I don;t really have any supportive thoughts on this creature. I know it will be Psychic, because of that weirdo energy blast.

Now, onto my thoughts on the movie...

WTF? Where did those Pokemon get that armor? Please don't tell me they built it. Please.

And Kamon, your sprite is godly. Can I use it in a Sprite Comic I'm making?
Sure, but I suggest you use the attached version.
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